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Welcome to Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky (LMICK) - the only professional liability insurance company created by Kentucky lawyers for Kentucky lawyers.

Since issuing its first policy in 1987, Lawyers Mutual has stayed true to its fundamental mission of assuring that Kentucky lawyers have available liability insurance at competitive rates, providing outstanding claims service, and supporting the Kentucky Bar with risk management information and CLE programs featuring ethics and malpractice prevention themes.

This Web site supports our mission by providing information on our insurance program, convenient insurance application procedures, risk management guidance, and CLE programs we will bring to you. Please explore what is available here. I believe you will find it helpful in your overall understanding of professional liability insurance and your firm’s malpractice prevention program.

Featured throughout our site are numerous ways to contact us. Please feel free to contact me at any time or pick up the phone and call me at 1-800-800-6101 or 502-568-6100. There is also a member of our Board of Directors – all practicing lawyers – somewhere close to you. He or she will be more than glad to discuss Lawyers Mutual with you.

Pete Gullett
Chief Operating Officer
Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky


Lawyers Mutual Insurance

Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company is dedicated to providing reliable malpractice insurance to Kentucky lawyers. By Kentucky Lawyers; For Kentucky Lawyers.

Understanding Risk Management
Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky understands lawyers’ risk management needs. Lawyers Mutual is led by a group of Kentucky lawyers committed to providing professional liability malpractice insurance for Kentucky lawyers.

Lawyers Mutual opened its office in 1987 in Louisville, Kentucky and for over two decades has maintained a steady presence in the market.

The Need for Malpractice Insurance
As lawyers and as an insurance company comprised of lawyers, we know that many factors can affect your choice of malpractice insurance. Even if you think it may never happen to you, allegations of malpractice can happen to any lawyer from purely accidental behavior:

  • Failure to fill in blanks on forms
  • Communications errors
  • Failure to meet  deadlines
  • Inadequate discovery or investigation
  • Clerical errors
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Tax errors
  • Failure to detect or protect a security interest
  • An incorrect description in a deed.

Stability. Experience. Leadership.
We’re here for thousands of Kentucky’s legal professionals. Over 90% of our policyholders renew their policies with Lawyers Mutual each year. They know we deliver the highest possible service for our insureds. We invite you to explore what Lawyers Mutual can do for you and discover how we’ve proven time and again to be Kentucky lawyers’ best choice for malpractice insurance.

323 West Main Street, Suite 600  |  Louisville, KY 40202  |  Ph. 502-568-6100  |  Fax 502-568-6103

Disclaimer: The contents of this Web site are intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances. It is not the intent of this Web site to establish an attorney’s standard of due care for a particular situation. Rather, it is our intent to advise our policyholders to act in a manner which may be well above the standard of due care in order to avoid claims having merit, as well as those without merit. In the event any statement on the Web site differs from a statement in an issued policy the policy will control.

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