…And Here’s the Top Ten! Ethics and Malpractice Avoidance Guide


Join Pete Gullett as he provides his top ten practical steps to avoid or prevent the likelihood of receiving a claim. This seminar will cover the most prevalent types of legal malpractice claims, including allegations of failure to know the law, failure to properly commence an action, failure to calendar properly, and more. Attendees will be able to identify higher risk activities and how to proactively avoid making costly mistakes. And, if you haven’t taken care of your old dog recently…this seminar is for you!


Thank you for taking time to watch this pre-recorded program. We hope it provided some valuable tips for your practice. Below is the post program information. Please review and complete each item to ensure you get CLE credit.

  • The program has been approved for 1.0 hours of CLE.
  • CLEs for our activities are only available to LMICK Policyholders.
  • The program has been approved for ethics credit.
  • Each attorney must go to the KBA website, login and post their CLE Credit. Instructions can be downloaded here.
  • This program has only been approved in Kentucky. If you wish for credit in other states, you are responsible for submitted the program for approval.

  • Kentucky — KBA Program Number 242804