Wednesday, 01 April 2020

Supreme Court suspends in-person services at court facilities, requires court proceedings to be conducted remotely through May 1

Posted in COVID-19

In anticipation of a surge in COVID-19 cases, the Supreme Court issued new amendments today that strengthen the social-distancing order that has been in place in courts statewide since March 16. The order restricts dockets, jury trials and jury service during the pandemic.

Administrative Order 2020-16, dated April 1, 2020, replaces in its entirety Administrative Order 2020-13, dated March 26, 2020. The new amendments are in effect through May 1 and provide that:

  1. All participants to a proceeding, including parties and attorneys, must be allowed to participate remotely.
  2. All judicial facilities will be closed to in-person services effective April 1, with limited exceptions. Signage will be posted at all public entry points notifying individuals of the restrictions.
  3. Eviction filings will not be accepted by the circuit court clerk until 30 days after the order expires pursuant to federal and state moratoriums on evictions and public health and safety concerns.

I appreciate your hard work and determination as we adapt to these changes. As difficult as these restrictions may be, the Judicial Branch must do its part to practice stringent social distancing while providing essential, constitutionally mandated services. The health and safety of all of you and all of those we serve depend on it.

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