The Secret Life of Client Files

Bench & Bar – January 2003

The Amazing Client Electronic Files

Bench & Bar – May 2010

Closing a Kentucky Law Office: A Guide for After the Death of a Kentucky Sole Practitioner

Bench & Bar – September 2013

Closed Client File Retention Policy: Best Practices

What Should You Do if Your Client Asks For Return of Files In Computer Disk Form?

The Risk Manager, Fall 2000

Client Files – Risk Managing Client E-Mail

The Risk Manager, Fall 2010

KBA Ethics Opinion E-436 Provides Updated Guidance on Retention and Disposal of Closed Client Files

The Risk Manager, Fall 2013

Client Files Part I: How Long Should You Keep Client Files?

The Risk Manager, Spring 1996

The Growing Threats to Client (and Firm) Data - Managing Technology to Meet the Challenges

The Risk Manager, Spring 2011

Client Files Part II: How to Properly Close and Destroy Client Files

The Risk Manager, Summer 1996

Don't Let the Cloud Rain on Your Practice

The Risk Manager, Summer 2014

Does Your Firm Have a “BYOD to Work” Risk Management Program?

The Risk Manager, Summer 2015

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