Scope of Engagement – Elder Adult Representation - Adding Provisions to Power of Attorney Inadvertently Enlarges Scope of Ohio Lawyer’s Duty to Client (Svaldi v. Holmes, 2012 Ohio 6161, 12/27/12)

The Risk Manager, Summer 2013

Risk Managing Withdrawal for a Client’s Failure to Pay Fees

The Risk Manager, Summer 2017

Negligent Advice Malpractice Claims

The Risk Manager, Winter 2007

You Have Eight Weeks To File Suit in a High Dollar Case But Can't Find Your Client - What Do You Do Now?

The Risk Manager, Winter 2010

One and Done May be OK for Kentucky Basketball, but Not OK for Kentucky Lawyer Conflicts of Interest Checks

The Risk Manager, Winter 2019

When Does a Potential Client Become a Prospective Client?

When does a potential client become a prospective client?

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