KBA Ethics Opinion E-436 Provides Updated Guidance on Retention and Disposal of Closed Client Files

The Risk Manager, Fall 2013

Risk Managing the Delicate Representation of an Abused Client or One with Diminished Capacity

The Risk Manager, Fall 2017

Q: What’s in a Client’s Name?

The Risk Manager, Fall 2017

What Are a Transaction Lawyer’s Due Diligence Requirements When a Client’s Matter Raises a Suspicion of Illegality?

The Risk Manager, Fall 2018

What Constitutes Reasonable Diligence in Attempting to Locate a Missing Client?

The Risk Manager, Fall 2018

Client Files Part I: How Long Should You Keep Client Files?

The Risk Manager, Spring 1996

Beware of Business Client-Imposed Guidelines on Outside Counsel

The Risk Manager, Spring 2015

Client Files Part II: How to Properly Close and Destroy Client Files

The Risk Manager, Summer 1996

Taking On Someone Else's Dissatisfied Client

The Risk Manager, Summer 2004

What we Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

The Risk Manager, Summer 2006

Client Screening - Can you Spot an Unworthy Client?

The Risk Manager, Summer 2011

Scope of Engagement – Elder Adult Representation - Adding Provisions to Power of Attorney Inadvertently Enlarges Scope of Ohio Lawyer’s Duty to Client (Svaldi v. Holmes, 2012 Ohio 6161, 12/27/12)

The Risk Manager, Summer 2013

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