Dedicated to providing reliable malpractice insurance to Kentucky lawyers.

Policy Features

Lawyers Mutual offers a variety of coverage limits, with per claim limits ranging from $100,000 to $5,000,000. We also offer per claim deductibles. Other policy features include:

  • Immediate assistance in claims avoidance and claims repair
  • Up to $10,000 for attorneys fees in defending a bar complaint (outside of policy limits) per policy period
  • $500 loss of earnings, for each named insured, each day when attending a trial, arbitration, mediation, or deposition up to $10,000 (outside of policy limits) per policy period
  • Coverage for acts, errors, and omissions anywhere in the world
  • Mediator/arbitrator coverage
  • Coverage for non-lawyers for services performed in the course and scope of employment with the insured firm
  • Penalty-free reporting for incidents or potential claims
  • Immediate coverage for new partners, associates, and employees during the term of the policy, with no additional premium due until policy renewal
  • Free extended reporting period endorsement ("tail") coverage provided upon death or disability
  • Free extended reporting period endorsement ("tail") for retiring attorneys who have been with Lawyers Mutual for five consecutive years
  • Prior acts coverage when applicable
  • CLE premium discounts
  • Financing options
  • New lawyer discount of 60% in the first year of practice (with graduated discounts through the fourth year of practice)

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