In 2009 the Kentucky Supreme Court substantially revised the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct.
Articles in this index written before 2009 citing Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct must be checked for any changes to the rule cited.

Computer Malpractice Risks


In his article “10 Ways to Commit Malpractice With Your Computer” Larry Bodine of Lawyers Weekly USA cites the presentation of lawyers David P. Vandagriff and David Bilinsky at the ABA’s Techshow 96 for these common errors in managing firm computers:

  1. Resolving to change how you manage your computers, but not following through.
  2. Not considering long term data storage and recovery.
  3. Delegating all computer management to consultants.
  4. Not using computer-assisted legal research.
  5. Not worrying about security precautions.
  6. Letting your kids play on your office computer.
  7. Not learning how your secretary uses his or her computer.
  8. Not proofreading documents produced from computer forms.
  9. Not backing up your data.
  10. Installing a new operating system without making a recovery disk and without backing up your hard drive.

For the analysis that goes with each error see Bodine’s article at 96 LWUSA 445, 5/6/96.


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