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Claims Management

Our management of your claim consists of the following:

  • Your claim will be initially managed by the following individuals Jane Broadwater Long, Angela Edwards, Pete Gullett, and Piper Burnett. Once reported your claim or incident will be tracked in the system.
  • Our Claims Management Team reviews the information given and may provide our evaluation. We may suggest that claims repair is feasible. You will receive acknowledgement of your claim and a claim tracking number. We may ask you for additional information and/or we may arrange a meeting or conference call to discuss the claim and defense strategy.
  • If we determine that the claim is not defensible, we will consult with you about settling the claim. If it is agreed we should try to negotiate a settlement, we may try to settle the claim with the claimant, retain defense counsel to negotiate settlement, or we may recommend mediation.
  • We will not settle a claim without your consent. If, however, you should refuse to consent to a settlement that we recommend which is acceptable to the claimant, our liability for the claim will not exceed the amount for which the claim could have been settled.
  • Defense counsel will be retained to defend you if required by the circumstances of your claim. We will contact you before selecting defense counsel. An appropriate defense counsel with expertise in the nature of your claim will be retained to defend you, not Lawyers Mutual. You will have a traditional attorney-client relationship with your defense counsel. If you have any concerns about how you are being defended, contact Jane Broadwater Long, Angela Edwards or Pete Gullett.
  • You have a duty to cooperate with Lawyers Mutual and your defense counsel. This cooperation may include meetings with us or defense counsel, providing documents, and responding to requests for additional information.

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